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Cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon among banks, people, governments, and companies. Considered as the money of the future, cryptocurrency is a digital asset developed to work as a reliable medium of exchange. Cryptocurrency transactions are secured through cryptography. With Bitcoins global success, numerous cryptocurrencies are entering the market and have become a popular choice for online investment.

Altcoins have paved way for Cryptocurrency development services to create new cryptocurrencies with groundbreaking security features and top-notch aspects. These digital currencies are developed as per the businesses requirements.

Blockchain Dyneros assists entrepreneurs and enterprises with integrating cryptocurrencies into their legacy system. Our cryptocurrency development services will allow you to create your own cryptocurrency that will enable you and your users to trade them as utility tokens or security tokens.

Utility tokens or coins are cryptocurrencies that allow users to purchase upcoming products or services, sometimes at a discount and the funds are raised via ICOs.
Security/Equity/Asset-backed tokens or Cryptocurrency represent the ownership of an asset such as stock or debt.


Cryptocurrency Development Services

Blockchain App Factory is an innovative cryptocurrency software development company that develops advanced crypto-coins using cutting-edge technology, giving you the power to stay ahead in the altcoin race.

Our cryptocurrency creation service includes:

  •  Cryptocurrency Development
  •  Bitcoin software development
  •  Smart contracts development
  •  Smart contract Audit
  •  Crypto-mining

Blockchain Dyneros has an unbeatable reputation in the field of cryptocurrency creation service. Our expertise in the crypto-coin creation would help build a secure and independent digital currency tailored to your specifications.

Our Cryptocurrency Developement Services

ICO Development
ICO Marketing
Elaborate ICO development solutions, from conceptual token design to launch and infrastructure maintenance. Strategic and effective marketing campaigns with a potent combination of SEO, PR, social media and email marketing.
Wallet Development
Exchange Software Development
Custom cryptocurrency wallet development with bank-grade security for easier and faster payment solutions. Secure, flexible, and customisable cryptocurrency exchange software solutions for easier and faster transactions.


Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

This is our tried and tested model of conducting a successful cryptocurrency developement services

Ideation & Whitepaper Creation

We brainstorm with our blockchain experts to determine the best achievable vision to present in the whitepaper.


Pre-ICO Marketing & Dashboard Setup

Ramping up community support through Telegram, Reddit, Steemit, Twitter and Facebook. Investor dashboard setup.

Initial Coin Offering Open To All

Open up the Pre-ICO and ICO in timed countdown intervals so that they commit investment amount that you determine and are allowed to buy your coin/token as you determine the price.


Wallet Setup & Coin Drop

Drop the allotted, bought amount of coins/tokens to your investors’ whitelabeled web and mobile wallets.


Our Cryptocurrency Development Platforms




Why Altcoin & Cryptocurrency Development?

BlockChain Dyneros takes pride in being one of the leading cryptocurrency companies working to create a flawless development of cryptocurrency apps and software.

Best Cryptocurrency Developers in England

Our team of cryptocurrency software developers is highly experienced in developing cryptocurrencies with different blockchains, such as Ethereum based, Litecoin fork, and Monero fork. We have worked with the best cryptocurrency developers around the world, gaining insights and experiences to create unique solutions for your requirements.

Swift Response

We believe in responding to queries that may arise from our client at the earliest. Our project managers, with the additional understanding of cryptocurrency app development, will add value to your project.

Secure, Reliable and Transparent

Blockchain has its own set of security rules for making a cryptocurrency. At BlockChain Dyneros, we develop a secure code for your Cryptocurrency development services that will be a reliable and transparent cryptocurrency for your requirements.

Future of Cryptocurrency Development

Our team of cryptocurrency developers has started working on new technologies of decentralization. We believe that the advent of distributed ledger technologies, such as hashgraph and DAG, will redefine the cryptocurrency marketplace with our Cryptocurrency development services.


ICO Development Pricing Package

Technology 3 BTC 6 BTC 12 BTC
Smartcontract Creation
Coin Type ERC20 Token Creation
ICO Landing page with clear communication of vision
Dashboard for investors with 3 stages: Pre-ICO, ICO and Burn ICO
Accept Top 10 Cryptocurrencies along with Fiat Wire Transfer, Credit & Debit Cards
Coin Owner Dashboard to take full control of the events
Time based referral bonus for investors
2 tier Referral bonus for investors
Promo codes for evangelists
Coin drop to all wallets based on their deposit and cumulative bonus count
Review of the core project documents
Completely optimised professional Whitepaper written by an expert
Recommendations on White Paper, webpage, key press releases
Drafting or review of legal documents Terms of Use, agreements, Privacy Policy, warranties, disclaimers, risk factors
Ongoing legal advice on ICO specifics throughout the token sale
ICO Marketing      
Marketing consultations Guidance on marketing tools setup from ICO experts
Consultations on ICO PR specifics Ongoing consulting throughout the PR campaign
Preset PPC account with predefined keywords and targeted tools Reach the target audience of token purchasers
Targeted marketing strategy 65+ battle-tested tools for your team to use, with impact description
Featured Article on Forbes and VentureBeat
Featured Article on Steemit, HuffingtonPost and Medium
Dedicated 2 person ICO marketing team manning Reddit, Telegram and Slack Channel
Evangelising on Facebook and Twitter




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