Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract is a blockchain-based protocol built to facilitate transactions and enforce agreements, removing the need for a middleman. Just like any other contract, a digital smart contract imposes a set of rules on all the parties involved. Once they agree on the clauses and all the requirements are met, the digital contract executes itself.

The digital contract has become pivotal to secure every blockchain business and application. Consequently, a Smart Contract Audit is also essential to make sure the contract is performing as expected, to prevent security breaches and hack attacks.


Smart Contract Audit Services

At Blockchain Dyneros, we provide smart contract validation services for a variety of industries including Fintech, Security and Real Estate. Our end to end solutions makes sure that smart contracts on Blockchain and may AI in the future, are not susceptible to attacks and hacks.

ICO Smart Contract Audit
STO Smart Contract Audit
Smart Contract Security Audit
Smart Contract Audit for ICOs ensures that the functionality such as the soft cap, hard cap and so on remain unaffected after token-sale. Security Tokens require a smart contract audit due to the compliance requirements that are embedded such as regulations for different jurisdictions. It is important for smart contracts to be secure and our end to end smart contract security audit solution mitigates security threats on Decentralized Applications.


Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract Audit

Ethereum is responsible for the golden age of blockchain applications and the popularity of computer-based protocols. The network allows us to program any type of digital contract, with highly customizable features. Our team of expert developers carry out Ethereum Smart Contract Audits. We perform a deep review of the contract architecture and codebase, highlighting the changes needed for it to be 100% secure. Code vulnerabilities can cost billions of lost capital to blockchain ventures, so it is time to take distributed ledger protection seriously. A Blockchain Security Audit can secure your system through verification, identifying failure spots and weak cryptography. With our Penetration Test, we simulate real hack attacks to find the ecosystem’s vulnerabilities and fix them accordingly.

Security Audit Platform

Blockchain Dyneros offers complete solutions to analyze and identify any flaws on the Smart Contract code.

Our platform allows us to automate part of the audit process and detect the following points:

  • Security of the code
  • Whether the code and documentation correspond
  • If the code is optimized

Why Audit Blockchain and Smart Contracts?

Boosting Confidence of Investors/Traders
Reduced Time for Exchange Review
Investors and Traders prefer to invest in tokens and coins which have zero vulnerabilities, thereby, increasing the trust within the crypto-community ensuring the safety of the coins. Exchanges take time to review the cryptocurrency for listing as they audit each and every token before listing. Pre-audited crypto reduces the time for the listing into the exchanges.
Investors and Trader Attraction
Regulatory Requirements in STOs
The community prefers tokens or coins which are pre-audited to resolve every vulnerability in the ecosystem especially in the smart contracts which become the target of hacks. With STOs going to dominate the market in 2019, auditing smart contracts become critical, as it could be the difference between being compliant or breaking regulatory frameworks.


Smart Contract Methodology

Manual Review
Manual Security Checks
We will read the code line by line and identify high, medium and low-risk areas on the code and potential security vulnerabilities. We find faults in the business logic, discrepancies with the specification provided, and other flaws that could affect the functioning of the smart contract. A team of security specialists deploy smart contracts on to the testnet to assess them to find edge cases in your code. These include problems causing the locking the funds in the contract or percentile of referrals, bonuses, and so on being calculated wrongly.
Static Analytical Tools
Dynamic Analytical Tools
Using static analysis, we identify vulnerabilities and categorize into high, medium and low. These vulnerabilities are related to the transaction-ordering dependence and front running, under or overflow bugs, reentrancy, and other bugs in the token or coin. Using dynamic analysis we automate assessments with regards to certain business logic to the critical areas of the blockchain and smart contract. Also, the identification of bugs in the test suite on smart contracts is critical to the application.


Steps of Smart Contract Auditing

Let’s talk about yout Smart Contract! You send us the code to audit and tell us what is intended to do.

We share a quote. Quote approved, we move to the next step.

Using specific tools we audit the Smart Contract

Auditing is done. The client receives a report with solutions and improvements to any issues found.

We fix everything that needs to be fixed and the client reviews the changes.
To make sure all the details are set, we do a second auditing in Smart Contract
Ready, set, go! The Smart Contract is ready to be published.


Smart Contract Audit for Industries

The use of the smart contract for industries has been on the rise and so is the need for auditing. At Blockchain Dyneros we provide smart contract audit reports and also, help you fix the vulnerabilities in the system. The industries we serve are numerous and have helped clients develop & audit customized smart contract as per their requirements.

Supply Chain
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things


Real Estate





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